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Jan Reynolds

Jan Reynolds

Author, Photographer, Athlete

Jan Reynolds holds several climbing and skiing records and she was the only woman on all her record-breaking expeditions. Her most recent book, High Altitude Woman, chronicles these adventures, but also examines differences in the way men and women think, speak, and behave - a subject Jan has researched for years. Jan's other book for adults is Mother And Child which concerns how children are raised in indigenous societies around the world. Her award-winning series of children's books, Vanishing Cultures, chronicles her experiences living with an indigenous tribe on every continent. Jan has freelanced for many magazines and newspapers including Outside, National Geographic, and The New York Times

Jan Supports

Good Fun-d



Jan Reynolds Supports

Good Fun-d

Good Fun-d's mission is to provide education and support for the intersection of the world's cultures and ecologies and to explore the impacts these two elements have on one another. To fulfill this mission, Good Fun-d will develop written educational materials about how ecology and geography influence cultural development, ideals, and way of life. Good Fun-d will sponsor and deliver lectures, seminars, and workshops. Good Fun-d will engage in global initiatives to various regions of the world to gather information, research, and study the intersections of culture and environment. Good Fun-d will start and sponsor programs in various regions of the world where there are unique intersections of culture and the environment.