6 Facts Only True The Who Fans Will Know


When discussing rock and roll legends, it’s impossible to skip over the career and legacy of London, England’s, The Who. Entering the music scene amidst the “British Invasion,” this iconic group paved their own path by creating the genre of “Power Pop,” introducing the very first successful Rock Opera, and ultimately selling over 100 million records. Although you may know the names of some of their top hits, only a true fan will know these 6 fun facts about The Who. Let’s put your knowledge to the test!


1. Before they were known as “The Who” the group performed under the titles “The Detours” and “The High Numbers”


the who



2. At one point, they held the Guinness World Record for the loudest concert


the who



3. The most expensive drum set kit to ever be sold originally belonged to The Who ($252,000+)


the who drums



4. The Muppet character “Animal “ was inspired by drummer Keith Moon


animal muppett



5. The song “Who Are You” was written after a night hanging out with the Sex Pistols


sex pistols



6. Roger Daltrey was actually a sheet metal worker at one point and helped make some of the band’s guitars


the who


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