Highlights of Eddie Vedder's Career


When it comes to rock and roll, Eddie Vedder is no stranger. His unique style and talents allowed him to blend grunge, hard rock, and alternative rock together to create the iconic sound of the 90s. With a vastly successful musical career spanning over the past two decades, it really is no wonder that he has not only been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but has also been named one of the Top Ten Best Lead Singers of all time by Rolling Stones Magazine. 




Pearl Jam was created by Ament, McCready, and Gossard who would later recruit Vedder and three different drummers to join their band.




As Vedder networked with music legends such as the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s former drummer, Jack Irons, and new doors began to be opened up to him. In fact, he impressed former Mother Love Bone members so much with his talent that they invited him to come to Seattle and begin working on an album with them. This collaboration led to the creation of Vedder’s first record as a featured vocalist, Temple of the Dog, in 1991 from A&M Records.



During the year of 1991, Pearl Jam also released their debut album, Ten, which brought the band instant success. In fact, this first album reached 13x Platinum level and put them on the radar.





Pearl Jam released their second album, Vs., which actually set the record for the most album copies being sold in just one week.



With success in the air, Pearl Jam actually went on to create their third album that same year, Vitalogy. This hit album also went on to reach multi-platinum status and helped grow this Seattle band’s popularity immensely. 





Working along with Epic Records, Pearl Jam released their fourth and most diverse album, No Code. This album would later be debuted as number one of the Billboard 200. 






Two years after releasing No Code, Pearl Jam released their fifth studio album, Yield. This album was recorded at Studio Litho and Studio X in Seattle and released on the third of February. This record has been certified platinum and is the final album with Jack Irons.






After a brief hiatus, the band came back together in 1999 to create the music for their 2000 album launch, Binaural. This album pushed boundaries and introduced binaural recording techniques in several of its songs. Although the record became gold certified, this was their first album to not reach platinum level. 





In 2002, Pearl Jam released their seventh record album, Riot Act. This album creatively mixed together experimental rock, art rock, and folk music to create a brand-new sound. It also addressed the heavy political climate after the attack of 9/11.





After a four-year break, Pearl Jam released their album Pearl Jam. This album is often referred to as The Avocado Album or just Avocado due to its unique cover art. The music in this album went back to the band’s original roots and sound and addressed many socio-political issues in the United States.





In the year of 2007, Eddie Vedder created a debut solo studio album for the soundtrack of a film directed by Sean Penn, Into the Wild. Since its release, this album has sold over 369,000 copies in the United States alone.  





In September of 2009, Pearl Jam launched their ninth studio album, Backspacer. This album was the shortest of the band’s career, and it featured a more positive outlook in comparison to its predecessors. 





Eddie Vedder released his second solo studio album, Ukulele Songs in May of 2011. 



Eddie Vedder also released his film, Water on the Road, in 2011 which highlighted his 2008 solo tour and his performances. 





The most recent album release from Pearl Jam is Lightning Bolt. This album focuses on mortality and the feelings that come along with aging and is quite harder than their previous album, Backspacer. This return to their original sound was rewarded with top chart rankings in the United States, Canada, and Australia. 



Today, Vedder is still creating and playing music that influences the masses. His unique sound, eagerness to push boundaries, and genuine talent have made him a true legend in the world of rock. For the chance to meet this rock and roll icon in London, England, enter the #HangWithTheWho Sweepstakes today!