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Women Winemaker Collection Curated by Debbie Zachareas
Share the gift of wine and enjoy the best from wine country’s women winemakers with a hand-picked collection from Debbie Zachareas, wine expert and buyer for Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant.
What Im Drinking Right Now
Can't decide what to drink? Let Rajat Parr share a few of his favorites with this collection of wines.
Hand Signed A16 Food and Wine and SPQR Book Collection
Discover the secret to seafood stews and learn about the key grapes and producers of Italy with this hand-signed cookbook collection.
Be a Wine Buyer For a Day
Work alongside acclaimed expert Debbie Zachareas as she visits with winery representatives to buy for the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant. Taste, compare and evaluate wines as you learn the factors Debbie uses to curate her selection.

Debbie Zachareas

Be a Wine Buyer For a Day

San Francisco Bay Area


An Incomparable Rose from the Trifecta of Wine Production
This highly limited, small-batch wine comes from the combined efforts of the “Trifecta of Wine Production:” Shelley Lindgren, Keiko Niccolini, and Helen Keplinger.
Vacation Consultation for Northern Italy
Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey is an expert in the culinary stylings of Northern Italy and wants to help you find the best food and wine on your next trip.
Burgundian Wine Curation
Collect some of the best wines in the world. Burgundy wine expert Rajat Parr will work with your tastes and preferences to curate a sophisticated collection from the region to augment your cellar.
Champagne Excursion for Six to Epernay
Travel to Épernay in France where world renowned Marco Pelletier will lead your group of six people on a tasting of his favorite Champagnes. The Master Sommelier at the three Michelin-starred Le Bristol will teach you what to look for in a fine Champagne.
Luxe Table Reservation at A16
Impress the one you love with a special table at the beloved A16.

Shelley Lindgren

Luxe Table Reservation at A16

San Francisco Bay Area


Apprenticeship at RN74
Let Rajat Parr give you a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the wine profession. Shadow him as he guides you through the intricacies of sourcing, service, selection, presentation and display. Watch a master at work, taste rare wines, and share a meal with this wine luminary.

Rajat Parr

Apprenticeship at RN74

San Francisco Bay Area


Travel to Friuli
Have Bobby Stuckey join you on an incredible one week journey to one of the hidden gems of Italian cuisine.
Guided Napa Valley Tour by World Famous Sommelier
Invite five friends to explore the legendary Oakville wine-growing region through the eyes of renowned sommelier Anani Lawson.
Order Wine with Confidence
Be prepared for your next date or business engagement - let Rajat Parr walk you through the wine list of your selected restaurant prior to your event so you can focus on hosting.
An Italian Immersion
Explore the iconic Piedmont region of Italy with David Lynch as he researches for his next book. Piedmont, even more than Tuscany, is a wine-lover's mecca - often referred to as Italy's answer to Burgundy. You and three friends will get to visit some of the greatest Barolo and Barbaresco producers for private tastings with David, as well as dine at iconic Piedmontese restaurants during truffle season.

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